Samväldet: Rugby, cricket etc

Spela rugby

Spektras handboksserie 1978, sammanställd av Svenska Rugbyförbundet. Förlagets pappband, 154 (2) s. Illustrerad.

Pris: SEK85.00

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A History of Sport in Wales

Johnes, Martin. University of Wales Press/A Pocket Guide, 2005. Paperback, 159 pp. + 16 photoplates.

1. ”Industrialization and the Origins of Modern Sport, 1800-1880″; 2. ”Modern Sport in an Industrial Society, 1880-1918″; 3. ”War and Peace, 1918-1958″; 4. ”The Television Era, 1958-2000″; ”Conclusion: Sport, Wales and the Welsh”.

Pris: SEK110.00

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Grand Slam Man

Lydiate, Dan. Accent Press 2013. Paperback, 76 (10) pp. New book.

Dan Lydiate – ”The rising star of Welsh rugby” – reflects on his comeback from a broken neck in 2008 to become the hero of welsh’s 2012 grand Slam success.

Pris: SEK60.00

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The Encyclopedia of World Rugby

Quinn, Keith. ABC Books 1991. Publisher´s cloth with dust-jacket, 328 pp. 26,5  x 20 cm. Richly illustrated. Scratches on the jacket. Trace of price label . Note on the first, emty page. The book in fine condition.

From the early British rugby, to the colonies. A world wide rugby encyclepedia, with more than 350 photos, with facts, figures and trivia of the game – and of course the players. With foreword by Gordon Bray.

Pris: SEK175.00

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Allemans bok om squash

Weatherley, Ken & Robinson, Ian. LiberFörlag 1980. Limhäftad, 94 (1) s. Illustrerat. Bra skick.

”En praktisk vägledning för den vetgirige” – fakta, historik, teknik och fördjupning om squash.

Pris: SEK60.00

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Spela squash

Hawkey, R.B. Spektra 1973. Förlagets dekorerade pappband, 137 (4) s. Illustrerat. Lätt naggade pärmhörn, inlagan är fin.

Spektras handboksserie.

Pris: SEK75.00

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Darts. A Complete Guide to the Game

Bristow, Eric. With Dick Allix. Fanfare Books 1985. Softcover, 96 pp. Illustrated. 17 x 20 cm. Tiny spot on the joint. Decent condition.

This book is Eric Bristow’s tribute to the game of dart – a fine and funny book where we being introduced to the background of the game, how it’s played and the types of darts and dartboards in use.

Pris: SEK0.00

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Cricket – the Australian way

Pollard, Jack (ed). Foreword by Sir Donald Bradman. Newnes Books 1969. Publisher´s cloth with dust-jacket,  196 (1) pp. Richly illustrated. 29 x 21 cm. Scrathes on the jacket, otherwise in decent condition.

In English.

Pris: SEK225.00

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Pocock, Pat. Batsford Sports Books 1969. Publisher´s cloth with soiled dust-jacket,  111 pp. Richly illustrated.

Pocock, the former England cricket player, here explains the bowling process in the game.

Pris: SEK125.00

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Rugby League. Play the Game

Huxley, John. Ward Lock/Cassell Illustrated 1998. Paperback, 80 pp. Decent condition.

A guide to the rules; advice on getting started; how to improve your technique.

Pris: SEK50.00

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Rothmans Rugby Yearbook 1981-82

Jenkins, Vivian (ed). Rothmans Publications 1981. Publisher’s cloth with dust-jacket, 400 (1) pp.

10th year! Full coverage of the 1981-82 national and international rugby: New Zealand, England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, France, South Africa and Australia.


Pris: SEK90.00

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Rothmans Rugby Yearbook 1979-80

Jenkins, Vivian (ed). Queen Anne Press 1979. Publisher’s cloth with dust-jacket, 384 pp.

Full coverage of the 1979-80 national and international rugby: New Zealand, England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland and Australia.

Pris: SEK80.00

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Bowlology: Cricket, Life & Stories From the Avenue of Apprehension

Fleming, Damien. The Five Mile Press 2013. Softcover, 340 pp. Illustrated. Greeting written on the flyleaf, otherwise a fine copy.

”What are the secrets to the perfect outswinger? How does it feel to bowl the dramatic last over of a World Cup semi-final?” Cricketing tips and ”the art of swing bowling”.

Pris: SEK115.00

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The Datasport Book of Wartime Cricket 1940-45

Andrews, Gordon. Datasport 1990. Softcover, 162 pp. Illustrated. 30 x 21 cm. Fine copy.

Statistics of the war time cricket seasons.

Pris: SEK125.00

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Squash – Behind the Basics

Robinson, Ian & Bond, David. Springfield Books 1986. Publisher’s cloth with dust-jacket, 160 pp. Illustrated. Fine copy.

Technique, environment, tactics, routines, match practice, psychology, and much more…

Pris: SEK125.00

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Rugby World Cup ’95

Bath, Richard. Aurum Press/Carlton Books 1995. Softcover, 80 pp. Richly illustrated. Trases of crease. Otherwise in decent condition. 28 x 22 cm.

Guide for the Rugby World Cup in South Africa 1995; including the build-up for the tournament, the star players, the qualifying countries, the history of the cup, and a guide to the laws and tactics.

Pris: SEK115.00

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